Applications of Citizen finance: Wide revolution of gaming assets

Blockchain-based games can deliver an unprecedented, fully immersive experience. Blockchain gives gamers something they have never had the opportunity to take total ownership of. Citizen Finance’s introduction of NFTs for in-game assets is mainly to promote true ownership of in-game assets and enable players to legally exchange assets between one and another.

Citizen Finance applications can be seen as different layers of the citizen finance ecosystem. Every application is linked to another, together a multi-functional ecosystem will be created.


Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a decentralized staking and lending protocol with the in-game asset at the core. Santa Fe runs on the Binance smart chain which guarantees low-cost gas fees and fast transactions. The Protocol enables players to stake their NFT to earn CIFI, use NFT as collateral or stake LP token to earn CIFI.

● Liquidity Mining

● NFT staking

● Lending

● Many more

CifiPowa is a decentralized application that enables the artist to mint digital artwork into NFT-based art. Artists are given the option to either create a single art or multiple collections called Registry. The application also consists of s decentralized marketplace for trading minted assets.

The manager is CifiPowa’s management interface for artists on the platform. The interface enables the artist to;

● Mint new NFT to their existing Registry

● Put it up for Sale

● Burn NFT

Registry — CifiPowa enables the artist to create the registry of their artwork. The registry can be filled with new-minted artwork using the management tool that enables artists to create and destroy artwork on their registry. Artists have the choice to either create their registry or mint their artwork on the CifiPowa registry.

Marketplace — Internal marketplace for an artist to sell their artwork either at a fixed price or auction-style.

Low Gas — CifiPowa is based on the Binance Smart Chain which offers a low gas fee when minting artwork into the blockchain.

Immersive Experience — Immersive experience of nft-based art using CifiPowa X extended reality application

The Non-fungible token industry is flooded with various nfts with fewer functions. excluding the metadata, nfts can be regarded as another smart contract token that takes less than 5 minutes to deploy on the blockchain. Metadata provides rich content to a token but the utility is still very small.

With the current ongoing NFT trend, the blockchain space has seen lots of projects integrating nfts into their ecosystem even though they have little or no utility for the token. They just issue them and abandoned them due to lack of utilities.

CifiPowa X is an extended reality-based application that introduces immersive experience to nft-based artwork. Art collectors will be able to create an immersive experience such as; taking pictures, making videos, art exhibitions, immersive sales, and others with their artwork. NFT could be a 3D (animated or non-animated) model or an image file.

On the path to continue making our applications accessible, CifiPowa X will not only support android and iOS devices but also be available on a web browser. Users with the non-supported device will take advantage of the web-based version of Pow XR

● Encourage immersive experience of NFT-based artwork

● Enable artist to carry out art exhibition using NFTs

● Interactive art sales

● Immersive based advertisement

● Fashion shows

● and many more

The first phase of CifiPowa X will provide support for Binance smart chain NFTs starting with the CifiPowa registry. Support for other Non-fungible tokens based on BSC will be through application and partnership only as each NFT-based art needs to meet our requirements.

The Citizen Finance platform will continue to grow into a cross-chain platform to support NFTs from another public blockchain such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Tron, and another NFT supported blockchain. Blockchain-powered applications like Citizen Finance create valuable player-owned items, which users can sell for their profit on any public marketplace. That’s an interesting proposition on its own. This means that users can move at least parts of their financial investment from the old and into their next game.

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