Aspen Labs which runs on a blockchain or P2P association and its’ Tokonomics

james margaretta
3 min readJul 14, 2021

Aspen Labs is a decentralized application company. if you don’t know what decentralized applications are, then in short they are decentralized applications (dApps) or often called automated applications that exist and run on a blockchain or P2P association of PCs as opposed to a single PC, and are outside the space or control of one position.


Token: Aspen Governance Token

Symbol: ASPEN

Total Supply: 45,000,000 Aspen tokens

Team Allocation: 10,000,000 released over a 5 year period

Promotional and development activities: 5,000,000

Available via Staking: 30,000,000

Aspen Labs will not conduct an Initial Coin Offering. All tokens are given to our users via staking.

Tokens are organized into four categories of rarity based on supply

1. Common Tier: Category 1 (20 NFTs)

2. Limited Tier: Category 2 (10 NFTs)

3. Rare Tier: Category 3 (5 NFTs)

4. Ultra Rare Tier: Category 4 (1 NFT)

Roadmap AspenLabs

Q2.2021- historical NFT release of dCOLLECT

Q2.2021- Aspen token release via bounty and staking

Q3.2021- Whitepaper 1.0

Q3.2021- Hypersphere test network

In addition, Aspen Labs has worked with blockchain and the financial industry for a long time with the aim of creating a product or application that can be used in a real, flexible and certainly can increase blockchain growth for every individual involved in it. for me personally, the presence of the Aspen Labs project is very helpful and makes it easier for users to access it. And what is unique about this project is that the developer plans to build a decentralized financial application that connects the world of digital assets and traditional finance in a real and transparent manner. some features or application systems that are being built by developers as below:

1. Decentralized applications (dApps) for PC

an automated application or activity that exists and runs on a blockchain or P2P association of PCs as opposed to a single PC, and is outside the space and control of a single position. Standard web applications, such as Uber or Twitter, run on a secure PC structure and are operated by affiliates, giving complete authority over the application and its tasks. There may be different customers on one side, but the backend is forced by one affiliate.

2. Aspen Labs, decentralized application.

The dev and team built a decentralized app that aims to give its users the opportunity to support versatility and adaptability regarding our customers’ money. As we get closer to the look of our first decentralized app,


dCollect is one of the features being developed by developers, they plan to build an application as good as possible to make it easier for users as well. on the one hand the team is also very transparent in the development of this project, especially for users to know firsthand the process of building this great project. and In the coming weeks, we’ll be explaining more about how our app works and how it outlines the stack of great De-Fi apps that engage your freedom from a wasteful way of life.

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