Crypto users were looking for the Texochat

Texochat has given a perfect solution to those who can’t access an existing application like Telegram or Discord because of the ban. We at Texochat are providing an inbuilt VPN integration service. This built-in feature was added because of the fact that China and Russia have a Ban on Telegram. By having our APP users don’t need to download any extra VPN. Users can enjoy the usage of an app without any proxy of an external VPN application. This is one of the major features that many of the crypto users were looking for and Texochat has provided this feature in its app.

With each passing day, an ever-increasing number of messengers are showing up on the market. Every errand person has its own particular gathering of people, and accordingly, it is fundamental to introduce many applications in the cell phone to speak with companions. But there are certain problems associated with the messenger applications:

● Centralized Management and No end to end Encryption

● Problems with Telegram and Discord

● Need of Blockchain based messaging app

● Market Analysis

Texochat is a Blockchain based multi usage chat application. Texochat has taken the Blockchain opportunity to build an app where anyone can fulfill their crypto use. Texochat aims to provide all features in one app.

Spam Policy: Feature that allows users to have full control over their account (Read Texochat Feature Doc)

Crypto Wallet: Send, Receive, Store, and Transact crypto with one click.

Safe And Secure: 2FA, KYC and Fingerprint are used to secure wallet and account.

Airdrop and Reward: Any user can start airdrop and admin can send rewards to their member

TXO Token: Use TXO to send crypto, TIP user, and Reward user in APP

Texochat has some amazing features that make it unique amongst all. Some of the features and benefits are as below:

Chat & Call Features:

– Texochat gives exclusive chat & call features. Some features are as below:

– It has individual, private and group chat functions.

– You can add up to 12,00,00 members in group chat.

– It features voice call and group video call also. You can do group video call with maximum 4 people.

– Admin can do live chat in a group. Also, the group admin can share live video by pausing chat with other group members.

– You can send files of up to 1GB.

– Admin of the group can Ban any member and also able to stop receiving links in a group froma member.

– The individual can save messages. Or they can download the message in TXT.

TXO token is built upon the Ethereum ERC20 protocol. It will help to smoothen all the activities within an app.

The TXO token can be used to:

1. Pay transaction fee

2. Reward group or channel users

3. Tip users

4. Conduct Airdrop

Token Name: TEXO

Ticker: TXO

Token Type: ERC-20 (Ethereum-based)

Decimal: 18

Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 (2.0 Billion)

Tokens Allocotion

Token Sale (Private & Public): 50%

Platform: 17%

Bounty & Partners: 14%

Team: 13%

Reserve & Dividend: 6%

Fund Distribution

Development: 30%

Marketing: 35%

Operation: 15%

Partner: 10%

Reserve & Team: 10%

Token Price

Total Tokensale Supply 1,000,000,000 (50%)

Private Sale: 20% at $0.005 2,00,000,000 TXO

IDO Sale: 40% at $0.011 4,00,000,000 TXO

IEO Sale: 40% at $0.015 4,00,000,000 TXO

JANUARY, 2021 — Regeneration of Idea

Idea is on paper and work started

JULY, 2021 — Docs

Official documents are published.

JULY, 2021 — Pre-Tokensale

IDO on different platforms

JULY — AUG, 2021 — Main Tokensale

IEO on top centralized exchanges

AUG, 2021 — APP Launch

Official android app will get launched in August

SEP, 2021 — APP Launch

Desktop app V0.1.0 will be released for windows.

NOV, 2021 — Marketing

More banner and PR promotion will take place

JAN, 2022 — Exchange Listing

You can start buying and selling TXO on various top tier DEX

FEB, 2022 — Exchange Listing

You can start buying and selling TXO on various top tier CEX

● Akhilesh Mishra — CEO & Founder

● Ankit Mishra — Co-Founder

● Obumneke Okorie — Developer

● Sabby Singh — Developer

● Antier Solutions — Team of Developer

● Reco Daley — Smart contract Engineer

● Nozomu Nakazato — Advisor

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WhitePaper :
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Telegram Channel :

Forum Username: Markusschwartz4
Profile Link:;u=2899967
Telegram Username: @margarettajames
Wallet Address: 0xC501992d0ba124Ea0e7291f27FcB9C5Bc5429c52



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