In this pandemic, we often need a platform where we can communicate with our clients frequently. And here is a company that appears with solutions to all of your problems. A distributed application consists of one or more local or remote clients that communicate with one or more servers on several machines linked through a network. With this type of application, business operations can be conducted from any geographical location. The goal of distributed computing is to make such a network work as a single computer. Distributed systems offer many benefits over centralized systems, including the following: Scalability. The system can easily be expanded by adding more machines as needed.

VoltNFT at a glance

VoltNFT -10is a distributed application that runs on the BSC network and uses specially developed smart contracts (each is a “smart contract”) to allow users to own, transfer, and synthesize unique cards, which they can then interact with on the interactive website. In these terms, smart contracts and websites are collectively called “applications.” Users can view its Ultraman and use intelligent contracts through clock auctions to buy, trade and merge Ultraman with other applications.

The platform

VOLT NFT (VOLTY) ERC20 Token in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Token is implemented as ERC20 smart contract with address 0x39d8f83edb8ab37254d116859a1a51d43d0c113f

Multi-chain support

● One of our very important aims is to go beyond the ETH network and to develop the first truly native multi-chain NFT platform, so the customers can store and trade their NFTs on multiple chains.

● Initially, the VOLT NFT will launch on ETH network, adding other blockchains, as we grow.

● NFT launchpad

● We will provide a way for the VOLT NFT community to support and provide the capital for the new upcoming projects or NFT artists. NFT fundraising will be held only in the native token of

How do you get an NFT?

1.The lucky ones who vote will get free blocks and collect the complete block synthesis (4 blocks are collected and combined).

2.Blind box curve auction, all players participating in the auction will get a complete NFT digital asset + 2400 platform tokens + game mining rights (mining for several years)

3.Buy from the market.

4.Receive cards from other players as gifts (you still need a wallet to receive VOLTY). Risk assumption

Risk Assumption of Investors

The price of blockchain assets is extremely unstable. The price fluctuations of other digital assets may have a material adverse effect on the value of your VoltNFT -10, and VoltNFT may also be affected by major price fluctuations. We cannot guarantee that any buyer of VoltNFT will not lose money. You are solely responsible for determining the taxes (if any) applicable to your VOLTY related transactions. VOLTY is not responsible for determining the taxes and fees applicable to your transactions on the app, website or smart contract.

Yet there are risks associated with the use of Internet-based currencies, including but not limited to the risks of hardware, software, and Internet connections, the risks introduced by malware, and the risks of unauthorized access by third parties to the information stored in your wallet. You accept and acknowledge that VOLTY will not be responsible for any communication failures, interruptions, errors, distortions or delays that may be encountered when using the BSC network. But they can assure you that they have strong management so that you and their investors will not be sufferer. So, you can join here without any hesitation.

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ERC 20 Wallet Address: 0xC501992d0ba124Ea0e7291f27FcB9C5Bc5429c52



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