Pea Farm, upgrading the system, and continuously updating new application features

The broad market prospect of the gaming industry has inspired the development of blockchain gaming projects, especially NFT, which makes the items in the gaming world into unique assets and belong to individual players. With the continuous optimization of NFT-related technologies and protocols and the rise of DeFi project to provide a more convenient platform for NFT transactions, the NFT gaming market is gradually heating up. Currently, BKEX has gone live with PEA, a high-quality asset in the NFT space and aggregated high-quality resources to support PEAFAM ecological development. Peafarm is a cryptocurrency game that uses blockchain industry practices to create a special product that is completely independent and irreplaceable.

In the Peafarm game ecosystem, PEA acts as a platform currency that is primarily traded and used in all game or investment activities and applications. Payments on the Peafarm platform can be exchanged internally within the game using PEA Token to pay for the purchase of items, seeds or to upgrade production machinery, equipment to increase farm productivity and profitability. 20% of the PEA is spent by the Peafarm project development team to invest in upgrading the blockchain, expanding the game map, upgrading the system, and continuously updating new application features through each phase. The remaining 66.3% of the PEA tokens will be used to give investors access to Pearl Farms’ stake and agricultural programs, helping to create liquidity and long-term profits for the ecosystem.

Peafarm ecosystem product:

In the Peafarm games ecosystem, the PEA token acts as a platform currency to be traded and used mainly in all gaming or investment activities and applications.

With only 15 million PEA tokens in circulation, their inherent shortage of PEA tokens provides unlimited growth potential for those seeking to hold onto a PEA token for a long time. 20% of the PEA is spent by the Peafarm project team to invest in blockchain upgrades, game map expansion, system upgrades, and continually updating new app features at every stage.

Peafarm Ecosystem Works:

There are 5 main functions in the Peafarm ecosystem and these 5 functions all serve the main activity of playing games and generating profits from investment in the project.

Games: Players can cultivate crops on their virtual garden in exchange for valuable PEA tokens.

Auction: An auction market is a place where players can freely sell items and interact with others in the community.

Staking: Mechanism for paying block rewards to participants in confirming transactions by contributing shares to network nodes through Cold Staking nodes.

Farming: Get your stake through contributing to the liquidity creation process for the protocol.

Exchange: Trade PEA on listed exchanges, you can trade PEA with other currency pairs like BTC, ETH, TRX, USDT, ….

What is PEA Token?

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In the Peafarm gaming ecosystem, the Pea token acts as a base currency that is traded and used primarily in all gaming and investing activities and applications.




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