RushMars Brings Many Features For Its Users With Its Automated Market Maker

Automated market makers (AMMs) provide customers with various creative options to generate income from cryptocurrencies. For example, users can trade using PancakeSwap as a decentralized exchange under a regulator. Anyone globally may trade with more than $600 billion in liquidity and hundreds of assets offered at PancakeSwap. And it is an exchange with AMM itself, which allows users to swap digital assets for liquidity pools and collect results. This is more like a stock of dividends or bonds than a typical exchange in which the order book connects purchasers and sellers. In AMM, customers lend their digital assets to a liquidity pool, which can subsequently be stacked with additional digital assets in return.

RushMars (RMARS) is a decentralized exchange with a deflationary governance token architecture that is the next generation of Automated Market Making (AMM). RushMars are your go-to yield farm, with features that let you earn tokens on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap exchanges. Like with the current wave of second-generation yield farms, the goal is to develop a perpetual deflation token, the RMARS, with a continuous burn mechanism to cultivate an environment that can maintain long-term profits with continuously high APR for more enormous revenues.

RushMars Offers many excellent features. Some of those are discussed below for your better understanding.

1. The Mechanism of Burning

RushMars’ve built a continual burning mechanism to keep APACHE at a constant high level. Specifically:

● Every transfer will be subject to a 5% tax levy.

● The RMARS-BNB liquidity pool will be automatically sent through the contract for 2,5% of the tax fee. See the most recent update.

● The remaining 2,5% of the tax charge will be burnt right away.

● RushMars’re working on adding unique RushMars NFTs as another way to burn RMARS and keep the price high.

2. Safety and security

At launch, a time lock was introduced to the contract, and the migrator code was removed (inherited from Pancake swap) with a Diffchecker Audit for Emergency Withdraw.

Instead of trading between buyers and sellers, users on AMM platforms trade against a pool of tokens known as a liquidity pool. A liquidity pool is essentially a pooled fund of tokens. Users contribute tokens to liquidity pools, and a mathematical formula decides the price of the tokens in the pool. Liquidity pools can be adjusted for different purposes by changing the formula. Anyone with an internet connection and ERC-20 tokens of any kind can become a liquidity provider by contributing tokens to an AMM’s liquidity pool. Liquidity providers often receive a charge for supplying tokens to the pool. Traders who engage with the liquidity pool must pay this charge. In addition, liquidity providers have recently been allowed to earn yield in the form of project tokens through a process known as “yield farming.”

The process of establishing order books and matching orders was sped up thanks to innovation. It also aided the business in cleaning up its public image by weeding out unscrupulous actors in the futures market. In addition, the advantages of automated market makers in trading have increased liquidity and reduced the market’s susceptibility to human manipulation. RushMars Futures will become a leading example of a trustless crypto futures exchange by integrating automation and blockchain technologies. RushMars are leveling the playing field for novice crypto futures traders by removing commission costs while also encouraging seasoned traders with new trading models and tools.

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